Recent Construction

Commercial construction involves the designing, renovating and building of commercial structures. Projects use heavy equipment funded by developers, as well as local and national governments. An increase in spending means a greater need for building and maintaining commercial spaces. Commercial properties make up an enormous portion of the built environment. They serve as a platform for most of the country’s major industries and provide the general public with areas in which to work, shop, socialize and relax.

Developers and contractors compete for construction contracts by submitting proposal bids. The more detailed and accurate the plan, the better chances of winning the project. The size, budget and scope determine how much money it will cost to break ground and complete a build. Value engineering can also be used to predict the most accurate and cost-efficient project plan. Small-scale construction involves fixing sewage systems, remodeling and renovating buildings’ exteriors and interiors with simple changes like new painting, or adding quality furniture like conference tables and a new long hours computer chair for each stakeholder that matches the of the office. Projects are shorter in length and need less equipment and crew members.


Recently Completed Projects Include:

Railyard Flats                                                                       58-unit apartment building.

SITE Santa Fe Expansion                                                   9,900 SF expansion and a 21,000 SF remodel.

Twisted Cow Compound – Final Phase                           Four residential condominiums totaling 5,100 SF

Trailhead Design Source                                                   5,000 SF building with office space, two airbnb units and a tea house

Parking Lot Expansion                                                       21 new spaces south of Paseo de Peralta

Current Construction:

Four Residential Projects in Baca                                    Comprising 10 residential condominiums, six apartments and two 1,500 SF commercial buildings