Recent Construction

Recently Completed Projects Include:

Violet Crown Cinema                                                                  32,000 SF

La Puerta II Building                                                                    9,600 SF

Santa Fe Clay Building Expansion                                             2,500 SF

SITE Santa Fe Expansion                                                             9,900 SF expansion and a 21,000 SF remodel. Completion in August 2017

Twisted Cow Compound                                                            4 residential condominiums totaling 5,100 SF

Trailhead Design Source                                                            5,000 SF building with office space, two airbnb units and a tea house

Infrastructure Upgrade                                                              Completion of Alcaldesa Street and Camino de la Familia roads and street scape totaling $725,000

Railyard Flats                                                                                58-unit apartment building.  Completion scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2018.

Current Construction:

Parking Lot Expansion                                                                21 new spaces – completion in 2nd quarter 2018