Welders Supply Building

North Railyard

Located in the historic Santa Fe Railyard, Sky Coffee Co. is a haven for third wave coffee culture.

As a shop run by a micro batch of employees, we’ve developed a sense of real, enduring community. Community, for us, means knowing each other in a more authentic way than simply as customers and workers. We try to do a little bit each day to reimagine our space so that Sky Coffee can become a landing place in Santa Fe. Imagine a vibrant social landscape: a space for thinking, working, relaxing, even contented boredom.

We share what delights us most in the world of drinks and confections in hopes that our shop will become part of your own cozy days and rhythms.

A portrait of our coffee shop would be incomplete without mention of our lovely Railyard neighbors and regulars. Sometimes you get lucky— we surely did.


1609A Alcaldesa Street
in the Railyard
Santa Fe, NM 87501

[email protected]