Twisted Cow Compound


TwistedCowLogo931 Shoofly Street – Baca Area

Where DID that name come from? The name is historically derived and includes a bit of whimsy! On the old maps you can find that Baca Street stopped at the Acequia Madre … on the other side was another street called Torcido Street because it wiggled and twisted several times as it headed north westerly toward Agua Fria. At some point the two streets were connected across the Acequia Madre and the City made the entire road all Baca Street. I took Baca, turned it into Vaca (verbally B’s and V’s can be pronounced interchangeably in Spanish) and added the historical Torcido, … the result was Campo de la Vaca Torcida … using a bit of creative license, the English translation became Twisted Cow Compound. When the local old-timers read it in Spanish they often chuckle, since they understand exactly the origins of the name.

What is this place? Our vision is to have Work-Spaces & Live-Work Spaces for creative, educational, and community activities. We want participants to OWN their Spaces, thereby allowing more individuals to participant in the City of Santa Fe Railyard Project.

For more information about this building and available lease space, contact:

Twisted Cow Compound
PO Box 1971
Santa Fe, NM 87504
[email protected]