El Museo Cultural

North Railyard

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe is organized as a Center of Hispanic Culture and Learning, devoted to showcasing and promoting Hispano culture, art, and traditions of New Mexico, with an emphasis on nurturing continuation of the cultural and artistic practices among the Hispanic population, particularly among its youth. El Museo was founded in 1995, but it has existed on the Railyard since April 1998.

El Museo’s annual program includes contemporary artistic presentations and exhibitions, performing arts events, educational workshops and activities, and community and school events. El Museo sponsors the Contemporary Hispanic Market, the youth Mariachi Camino Real, and several educational groups that support classes in dance, music, and arts, and classes in history, language, and literature.

El Museo is housed in a 31,000 square foot warehouse across the tracks from SITE Santa Fe. It includes gallery and exposition spaces, a 220-seat theater, and facilities for dance, theater, and music rehearsals.

An arts Mercado is being developed, with on-facility work areas and exhibit space for working artists and artisans who will produce, exhibit, and sell their particular arts, crafts, and handiworks, while they actively teach their skills and crafts to children and youth as a means of continuing the knowledge of traditional arts and crafts.

For more information about this building and available lease space, contact:

Maria Martinez, El Museo Cultural
555 Camino de la Familia
Santa Fe, NM 87501
505.992.0591 (b)
505.992.0584 (f)