Project Information & Available Parcels

The City of Santa Fe purchased the 50-acre Railyard project in 1995.  Between 1995 and 2002, a Master Plan was prepared and approved that designated 37 acres for commercial development.

The Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation master leases from the City of Santa Fe the portions of the Santa Fe Railyard designated for commercial development by the Railyard Master Plan and Design Guidelines.  Development will total 544,000 SF upon project completion.

Development of individual land parcels generally takes two forms.  The first is development by a business for its own use (“Owner Occupied”).  Examples of this strategy include Nuckolls Brewery, The Raven and Violet Crown Cinemas.

The second strategy is to develop a property for the purpose of leasing speculative space or selling condominiums (residential or commercial) to others.  Examples include the Market Station building, Twisted Cow Compound and the Railyard Flats buildings.

The Farmers Market building is a hybrid of both strategies.  The Farmers Market Institute occupies a portion of the building but also leases space to others including Second Street Brewery.

Recently Completed Projects Include:

Shoofly Station                                                                                18- Unit Apartment Building

Railyard Flats                                                                                   58-unit apartment building

SITE Santa Fe Expansion                                                               9,900 SF expansion and a 21,000 SF remodel

Trailhead Terraces                                                                         3,600 SF Residential live/work

Thull Railyard                                                                                  5,900 SF Residential and Commercial

Nuckolls Brewery                                                                            Renovation of 1925 cold storage warehouse

Current Construction:

2 projects in the Baca Street area                                                Residential and mixed-use projects scheduled for completion in 2024

Available Land Lease Parcels

There are no Railyard land parcels or building/development sites available for long-term lease, at this time.  However, there is one land parcel located at 1616 Paseo de Peralta, available from an existing tenants.  Garfield Partners, LLC is seeking tenants for a new building to be constructed on their parcel. Click on the link below to learn more about the parcel.

  • No land parcels available

Summary of Availability

  • 2,862 SF is currently available in existing buildings

If you do not wish to develop your own space, you may consider leasing space in an existing Railyard building:

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