The Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation is honored to be entrusted by the City of Santa Fe to manage the Railyard project and carefully considers its decision-making over the numerous issues that impact the project’s continuing development. A volunteer board of directors consults with SFRCC staff on a regular basis in the form of frequent committee meetings and regular monthly board meetings. Full board meetings are open to the public and meeting times are posted here and in the Santa Fe New Mexican. Although SFRCC is a private non-profit corporation, upcoming board meeting agendas are posted on this website no less than 48 hours in advance in the spirit of the State’s open public meetings act. We welcome the attendance, comments and questions of all interested community members at our monthly board meetings. Matters concerning real estate transactions, personnel decisions and pending legal matters are discussed in Executive Session attended to by Board and staff only. Minutes from each meeting are posted within the month following each meeting. Other notices of public interest regarding the Railyard will be posted on this page. Please feel free to contact our staff during business hours of 8:30am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

For more information on public events, tenants, directions, parking, transportation connections and more: